Buy truck parts online in India on KDST. KDST is an Indian truck and trailer parts brand that has been supplying spare parts to individuals and retailer groups from past three decades. Companies that have dealt with us know that KDST is synonymous to dependability and reliability.

We manufacture and sell truck parts for Fuwa, KKTC, BPW, York, Yte, Ashok Leyland, Mercedes Benz, Tata, Henred Fruehauf and many others. We also have exhaustive list of car trailer parts. The list is increasing at an unbeatable, unbelievable rate. All parts are after market, brand new and made according to OEM specifications.

1 kf21bx12x1850p30 beam & cam assy 1 kf21bx12x1850u30 beam & cam assy 1 kf21bx13x1850p30 beam & brake assy 1 kf21bx13x1850u30 beam & brake assy brake components 2 c11-0101c-613lh camshaft–lh (613mm)-5/8” 37sp 2 c11-0101c-613rh camshaft–rh (613mm)-5/8” 37sp 3 c30-0102-613 camtube 3 kh3310-1021 camtube – (old style) 4 c12-0101  washer, camshaft spacer 5 c14-0301 seal, camshaft outer 5 kh800161 seal, camshaft outer – (old style) 6 c13-0301 camshaft bush (spider) 6 c13-0101 camshaft bush (spider) – (old style) 7 c33-0101 camshaft, mtg plate 8 c24-0101 o-ring, camtube inner 9 c15-0101 washer, camshaft spacer 9a c15-0102 washer, slack adjuster 10 c16-0401 circlip, camshaft inner 10a c16-0101 circlip, slack adjuster 11 d20-010101 shoe set (2) 12 nss roller 13 nss roller retainer 14 nss return spring 14a nss retaining pin 15 nss anchor spring 16 nss anchor pin 17 nss anchor pin bush 18 a20-0101 return spring, slack adjuster 19 61137370ef positive lock slack adjuster 19 asc23112 auto slack adjuster (5”/6”/7” hole positions) 20 kh3600-0303 hub/drum assy-short stud 20 kh3600-0303z hub/drum assy-long stud 20 kh3600-0103 hub/drum assy-short stud 20 kh3600-0103z hub/drum assy-long stud 20 kh3600/ff hub/drum assy kh3601-0302 hub assy – short stud 21 kh3601-0302z hub assy – long stud 21 kh3601-0101 hub assy – short stud 21 kh3601-0101z hub assy – long stud 21 kh3601/ff hub assy 22 kh3602-0303 drum 22 kh3602-0101 drum 22 kh3602/ff drum wheel end components 23 h37-0101 stud ¾” nc0 23 h33-0301 stud short (m22x94)0 23 h33-0302 stud long (m22x122)0 24 h38-0101 nut ¾” nc0 24 h34-0301 nut m22 32 a/f0 24 h34-0302 nut m22 33 a/f0 o o 24 h34-0901 nut m22 32 a/f – 50mm long0 o o 25 h39-0101 rim clamp0 26 h12-0100 bearing inner 26 h12-0100 bearing outer 27 kh42623 seal 28 h18-0101 dust cover 29 kh800055 spring washer2 30 m8x16x1.75 bolt – dust cover – m82 31 a11-0101 washer bearing 32 a13-0101 cotter pin 33 a12-0101 nut spindle 34 h15-0201 o-ring – hub cap 35 kh800205b hub cap – screw on – black 36 nss bolt – ¾” unf-¼” – gr80 37 nss conelock nut – ¾” unf – gr8  c30-0102-613k cam tube kit (suit cam) kit suits: tp850mm track axle c30-0102-613 camtube assy c12-0101 washer, camshaft spacer c14-0301 seal, camshaft outer c13-0301 camshaft bush (spider) c33-0101 camshaft, mtg plate c24-0101 o-ring, camtube inner c15-0101 washer, camshaft spacer c15-0102 washer, slack adjuster c16-0401 circlip, camshaft inner c16-0101 circlip, slack adjuster b d20-010101k brake shoe kit (1 wheel) kit suits: kf21 axle d20-010101 shoe set (1 wheel) nss roller nss roller retainer nss return spring nss retaining pin nss anchor spring nss anchor pin nss anchor pin bush c abskit-01 abs kit kit suits: tp axle a15-0101 abs sensor lead (400mm) a16-0101 sleeve h41-0201 abs pole ring –00 tooth – ø165id

Previously, it was a tough job to procure truck parts in India. With fast service from KDST, you can get MAN truck parts, BPW trailer parts, AMW truck spares, Henred fruehauf trailer parts, Mercedes Benz truck parts, Bharat Benz spare parts, car trailer parts and so on on

KDST is also considered as slack adjuster specialist. One can find our brand on the box of slack adjuster selling near you. We are one of three Indian manufacturers that make these adjusters and also the cheapest one of the lot. Being the cheapest does not mean we compromise on the quality front by any manner. These ratchets are made in special environment under strict rules and regulations to ensure that not one is defective.

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Our range includes check nuts, check nut lock washers, hub bolts, spring pins, cotter pins, arm bolts, hanger bolts, studs and accelerator ends, propeller shaft parts, gear retainers, flywheel ring, U bolts, wheel spanners, hubs, clutch lever kits, slack adjusters, tie rod kit and tie rod ends.

Thanks to our happy customers, we now have strong foothold in the truck and trailer parts industry both inside and outside India. In fact, KDST exports multitude of containers to various nations around the globe. To place an order, simply visit our contact page and we will get back to as soon as possible.